As a thank you to all of our loyal Mosquito Joe customers, we are excited to introduce our new loyalty program, MoJo Rewards!

Mosquito Joe - Loyalty Program - Baltimore, MDMoJo Rewards will grant a special discount to customers depending on the length of their commitment to our treatments and service. For every year that a customer remains, they will receive $10 off a treatment on your anniversary of service. (For example: if they have been a customer for 3 years, you will receive $30 off a single treatment.) The discount will be applied each year on the monthly anniversary of the customer’s service.

MoJo Rewards Conditions:

  • A “year” for this program is 7 or more paid services in a season. If the customer does not have 7 services in a season, the time resets.
  • Discount to be applied to the first service following the Anniversary month.
  • Pre-Pay customers can have the discount applied at the time of the prepay; however, if the customer stops service prior to the end of the season, the Loyalty discount will be subtracted from the refund along with the Pre-Pay discount.
  • Maximum discount applied will be $100.
  • If the customer skips a year, the time resets.
  • Customer account must be current and in good standing.

We hope that this special program, designed especially for our loyal customers, will continue to prove our pride in an itch-free yard and our dedication to making outside fun again! If you have any questions, please contact us at 301-298-5552.